Highland, Utah Home Addition and Kitchen Remodel



Not shown in this picture is all the hard work our crews went though to remodel this beautiful kitchen in Highland Utah. Walls were torn down (including an exterior wall for the new home addition), three large beams were installed to replace them and doors were moved. Also, not shown in the pictures are the half bath, laundry room and walk in pantry for the kitchen.

To complete this kitchen remodel temporary supports were required to hold the second story in place while the beams were installed. The exterior stucco on the home addition had to be matched with the existing home, which is never a small feat.

If you have any questions about a home addition or kitchen remodel in Utah County, give us a call at 801-787-3686.

Home Improvements off on the Right Foot

Learn how to save time and to get your home improvement project off on the right foot. You’ll need this information if you are doing and addition, home remodel, kitchen remodel or even building a new custom home.

Before calling a General Contractor you’ll want to have a rough drawing and plans so you can receive the correct guidance on your project and General Contractor can give you an accurate bid.

With home construction and home remodeling booming in Utah County and Salt Lake County it’s important to move through the process as quickly and smoothly as possible to get your project done on time.

Construction Agreement and Contracts

Always know what is in your construction agreement/contract before you start your project to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Dallas goes over the WSC Specialty Contractor agreement and explains it in detail. After 30 plus years as a General Contractor in Utah County we have discovered how to make the process flow smoothly for both parties involved.

Please that the time to listen and than call us with any questions you may have.

We may not be on HGTV, However we can do any Project you Want Done in Utah County.

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If you pick up magazines or watch tv you’ve probably heard of Chip & JoAnna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. They have taken the home improvement arena by storm. They have stolen the hearts of everyone near and wide. Everyone would love them to work their magic on their home. The problem is that they only work in Waco, Texas and most people in Utah County don’t dream of moving to Waco.

Although, General Contractor, WSC doesn’t have JoAnna to stage your home, we do an incredible job at remodeling your home. Like the Gaines, we are a family business, we care about each and every project that we do. We are creative and have the experience to recommend ideas of how to make your home more versatile and updated.

Most of what the Gaines do is “open concept”. We can do that! We aren’t quite as attractive as JoAnna, but we have our moments :) A couple of my sons are every bit as funny and witty as Chip. We can knock out walls, add more square footage, do shiplap walls, and create the popular farmhouse style, if that’s what you want. We can look at your home and give suggestions about how to make your home more reflective of you and the stage of life that you are in. Give us a call, we would love to help you. 801-787-3686

Scott Cleverley
General Contractor
Pleasant Grove, Utah

How to get started on your Home Construction Project.

Listen in as Dallas shares the requirements for getting your home addition, home remodel, new construction project underway. From deciding what you want, to the bid process, to city permits to beginning the construction project in Utah County.

If you have a project in mind you need to get it on the calendar ASAP. You could be 60 days away from beginning by the time you make your decisions and get approval from the city.

Building New vs. Adding on and Remodeling.

Building new vs. adding on and remodeling your exiting home in Utah County? What a great question.

Much of this depends upon person preference. Do you love your neighborhood or are you ready for a new adventure? The one thing you need to understand is that you’ve lived in your home for five years, ten years or more so chances are it will be cheaper to add on and remodel since your already own the “dirt”.

Another challenge rather you are building or remodeling is finding a qualified contractor which is a little tough in today’s booming economy. To learn how to hire a General Contractor in Utah County click on the link to find the 14 questions you should ask every contractor before you hire them. http://www.wscspecialtycontractors.com/hire-a-contractor/

Kitchen Remodel Workbook and Checklist

I would like to ad my two cents in to this blog. Particularly about the fixtures, etc. Please take your time, look around, see what trends are out there to make sure you are happy long term. Many times homeowners run down to the HomeDepot in American Fork, Lindon, or Orem and grab some tile, only to find out later it was close out or to see something someplace else they like more. Go to locally owned flooring and fixture businesses. Many times they have things you just can’t find at the big box stores.

Sure it might be a little more (probably not – they have convinced us of that so we don’t even look else where), but isn’t the look and design you like worth it. A kitchen remodel is a big expense, costing thousands of dollars. Isn’t it worth and extra $500 or even $1,000 to have exactly what you want and something you’ll enjoy for years to come. Read more

Give your Utah County Home a Little Midwinter TLC

pexels-photo-60774 1. Protect pipes from freezing. The last few nights have been a little more than just chilly, they’ve been down right cold. The good news is we are not in Idaho with an expected high of 7 degrees and a low of negative 15. With that said, now is a great time to double check the outdoor faucets to make sure they are not dripping and are protected from the elements. One thing I do with my indoor water lines that are on exterior walls when the temperatures start to dip below zero is open the cupboard doors to let a little heat in and turn the faucet on to a slow run to keep the water moving.

2. Take steps to prevent ice dams. Ice dams are the areas of built-up snow and ice that can accumulate around your roof line, causing leaks if the snow and ice get backed-up under the shingles. It seems that North facing roof lines are most at risk. Ideas to prevent this from happening Read more