Give your Utah County Home a Little Midwinter TLC

pexels-photo-60774 1. Protect pipes from freezing. The last few nights have been a little more than just chilly, they’ve been down right cold. The good news is we are not in Idaho with an expected high of 7 degrees and a low of negative 15. With that said, now is a great time to double check the outdoor faucets to make sure they are not dripping and are protected from the elements. One thing I do with my indoor water lines that are on exterior walls when the temperatures start to dip below zero is open the cupboard doors to let a little heat in and turn the faucet on to a slow run to keep the water moving.

2. Take steps to prevent ice dams. Ice dams are the areas of built-up snow and ice that can accumulate around your roof line, causing leaks if the snow and ice get backed-up under the shingles. It seems that North facing roof lines are most at risk. Ideas to prevent this from happening  is to remove the snow before it has time to melt and freeze a few times, there are also ice melt pucks that you can put on the snow to melt it, and there are few different ways to heat the edge to keep the snow off.

3. Knock heavy snow from tree branches. Heavy snow buildup can cause limbs to break which could damage the tree.

4. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If you missed checking these when you set your clock back now would be a great time to check and make sure the batteries are up to par and that the detectors are working. I read an article the other day which suggests that you switch from smoke detectors to heat detectors. I guess the heat detectors will go off long before the smoke detectors will.

5. Clean out the kitchen and pantry. Do you have expired food taking up space in the back of the pantry? You know the space that no human dare goes to. Often food gets pushed to the back of the pantry and cupboards to never be seen again. Now is a good time to clean those shelves off and give them a good washing and put new usable food back.

6. Clear out the clutter. Have you been in you home for ten or more years? First if you have it’s time to give us a call to let us build you a new custom home. There is nothing like moving every 7 years to keep your house off the show Hoarders. Just a little humor there. Now is the perfect time to go through your closets and clean out all the old clothing you haven’t worn for years. Sure you are going to lose some weight so you can fit back into them. But don’t you deserve something new and more stylish to celebrate your win?

7. Plan big home projects for the year ahead. Is this the year you get that new kitchen that you’ve been dreaming of for years? Now is the perfect time to start making plans and talking to your preferred Utah County General Contractor (Which we hope is WSC). How about that new home addition? Was your home a little crowded with all the family back in one place? Let’s get that fixed before the next holiday. I promise it will create greater family unity.

8. Give into the urge to hibernate. With the cold temperatures I encourage you to pull out a good book and cozy up to the fireplace for some nice relaxing alone time or play an extra game with the kids and grandchildren. Like Stephen Covey always said, “Sharpen the Saw”.

What are your thoughts? What do you need to do to give your home a little TLC this winter? Leave a comment below.

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