5 Steps to Creating your Dream Home as Utah County Grandparents

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Are you in that time of life where your children have all moved out? Are you noticing what worked for you while raising your family is not working for you as your children return home for the holidays or send the grandchildren over for the weekend? Or maybe even move back in for short times while a new home is being built or finding a new career. So much for that empty nester thing.

If you are the typical Utah County grandparent, you know that grandchildren can multiply pretty quickly. There is less room in the dining area for Sunday family dinner. The family room is a little crowded for all the grandchildren to play comfortably. Not to mention the extra noise from grandchildren, making it hard for the adults to carry on a conversation.

Depending upon your situation you may need and want a new home to accommodate the changes. Maybe your existing home will work perfectly for you with a few changes. You know, remove a wall here, move a wall there. Either way let’s discuss the five steps you can take to help you determine the construction project you need to get that dream home you need for this new stage of your life.

Step one: What is your vision? You must first have a vision for your new home (be it remodeling your existing home, finding and existing home to renovate or building a new home). How would it flow? Where would you want your grandchildren playing so they would be safe, yet still have some peace and quite so you can have a conversation with your adult children and spouses.

How do you envision those Sunday family dinners going? Are you all gathered together as a family or are the grandchildren separated from the adults dinning on their own. Do you see yourself with a larger kitchen so you can teach the little ones how to cook and help in the kitchen? Think about these aspects and many more and write them down on paper.

Step two: What is your budget? Now it’s time to decide what your construction budget is for your new home. Do you want to pay cash for your home, out of your savings or are you going to finance the project? It’s easy to go over budget if you don’t have things planned out.

Whether you are using a General Contractor and their team (which we will talk about later) or if you doing it yourself, make sure you make a list of everything you want and get a bid on the project. You can always back some of the less important items out of your project if you’d like.

Plus, make sure you leave a little extra in the budget for little surprises. Especially in a home renovation project. There are fewer surprises with new construction vs. home renovations. For example, in the home remodeling project, you may not know that the electrical wiring or plumbing needs to be replaced until a wall or two comes down and you can see what is really going on.

Step Three: Find the land if you’ve decided to build new or an older home that you can remodel that fits your vision. Based upon your vision did you decide to stay in your current home or did you decide to move? Maybe you would like to live closer to the family members if they live in a central area. Or maybe you want to move just a little further away so the grandchildren can’t just drop in at any moment in time.

Maybe your vision had you moving out in the country a few miles with some horses or extra land around you where you can have a couple of ATV’s for the family to play with. We both know they are for you, but I won’t tell anyone you are using the grandkids as an excuse for some new toys.

Maybe you would like to move in closer to city so the grandchildren can walk to the movies or to grab a bite to eat. Plus you have the same benefits between visits. What was in your vision?

Step Four: Assemble your team. Regardless of if you are going to hire a General Contractor (Did you know there are over 1,700 General Contractors in Utah to choose from? Make sure you check out our 14 things to demand from any contractor before hiring them by clicking this link.
http://www.wscspecialtycontractors.com/hire-a-contractor/) or if you have plans of supervising the project on your own you’ll need to assemble a team.

If you are a DIY then selecting a team is a much bigger job and can be extremely time consuming. Where as the General Contractor has vetted his crew members and any subs that they may use. There are may advantages of hiring a General Contractor for your construction project.

Quick example of a DIY project. The family decides they can do a kitchen remodel on their own. However, due to lack of experience they didn’t seal the plumping correctly which sprung a leak and flooded the basement. Now they were responsible for all damages and calling the insurance and dealing with that hassle. If they had hired a General Contractor it would have been his/her responsibility and their insurance claim, not yours.

Step Five: Plan the project. If you are building a new custom home as your dream home you need to plan completion time so you can get your home ready to sale, finding a buyer, negotiating closing day to work with your new home. It’s such a pain to move twice for one real move.

If you are doing a home remodel and/or renovation you will need to plan your living situation. Depending upon how extensive the project is you may be able to live in the home while construction is going on. With that, what is your plan for eating while you don’t have a kitchen. What will you do with only one bath instead of two.

Can you plan your annual vacation to be gone during the biggest part of the project to make things more convenient for you? Are there any family parties that will need to be rearranged? Remodeling your home may be a little inconvenient for a couple of months, however, it is so worth it to enjoy the convenience and improved lifestyle for years to come.

If you would like to run some ideas by someone and have a professional help you with some of the steps that have been talked about, please give us a call at 801-787-3686.

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